How can I grow my God-given creative talents?

皇冠体育官网 offers a comprehensive fine arts program that is designed to help students discover, 探索, and refine their artistic gifts. Our dedicated fine arts faculty are professionals in their fields with extensive experience in not only their specific area of art, but also in teaching and mentoring students. Students gain a robust artistic foundation that allows them to continue growing beyond high school and using their talents to glorify God, recognizing Him as the ultimate creator.

Comprehensive fine arts program.

Opportunities in band, art, theatre, chorus, dance, and elementary music.

Fine 艺术 & Performing 艺术 Programs

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Fine 艺术s 工作人员

Andrew Strickland

Director of Fine 艺术s, 剧院 Director, and Prop 跳舞 Coach

梅雷迪思 Conger

Upper School 艺术 Teacher

Rebekah Rainer

Upper School 艺术 Teacher

Jaime Simmons

Lower School 艺术 Teacher

Brayden Hutcheson

Elementary Music

Jonathan Baker

乐队 Director

Lydia Gray

Upper School Spanish & 跳舞 Coach

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